Kew Gardens Tickets

Kew Gardens in London is home to one of the world’s largest and most varied botanical and mycological collections.

There is much to discover for visitors with over 50,000 plants and over 7 million preserved specimens, making it the planet’s most biodiverse location.

The 300-acre botanical gardens have been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2003.

It not only encompasses rich green splendor but also plays a significant role in numerous scientific and sustainable conservation initiatives.

What to expect at Kew Gardens

Top Ten Attractions at Kew Gardens – in just two minutes

Discover a magnificent collection of plants with 14,000 trees, located just 30 minutes from central London. 

The Kew Gardens contain antique glasshouses, unique specimen trees, tranquil woodlands, and even playground spaces for children.

It is a wonderful place to reconnect with nature and provide a respite from the chaos of the outer world.

The Gardens are a living, breathing collection of some of the world’s most beautiful botanical art and are a must-see for any visitor to London.

Why are online tickets better

Why Are online Tickets better

By purchasing the Kew Gardens tickets online, you can avoid the inconvenience of waiting in line at the ticket booth.

Additionally, the tickets cost less when you purchase the Kew gardens tickets online and this will help you save some pounds.

We advise visitors to buy tickets online in advance to avoid last-minute disappointments.

The fact that you can get a full refund if you cancel more than 24 hours before the day of your visit is yet another benefit of these Kew Gardens tickets.

Where to buy tickets

Tickets for Kew Gardens are available at the gate as well as online.

However, we suggest buying the tickets online in advance as the tickets tend to sell out quickly.

You will receive the tickets on your email shortly after making your purchase.

Present the ticket on your smartphone at any one of the Kew Gardens entry gates on the day of your visit.

You do not have to bring the ticket printouts.

Types of tickets

To escape the crowds and tubes of London, purchase a ticket to Kew Gardens and see one of the world’s largest botanical gardens.

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This Go City Explorer Pass is which is valid for up to 60 days.

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Best time to visit

Best time to visit
Photo by Nick Page on Unsplash

The best time to visit Kew Gardens is from late August to early September.

It is advised that you visit between 10 and 11 am to allow yourself enough time to thoroughly explore the gardens and to avoid the crowds. 

The Kew garden has so many varieties of trees and plants so you can go any day and find the garden beautiful.

In spring (April to May), the garden begins to display its striking plant collections and show hints of fresh blossoms. 

The greatest time to see flowers and deciduous trees is during the summer (June to August).

Although autumn isn’t the ideal time to observe flowers, there are fewer people so it’s still worth going. Also, the gardens are ablaze with red and yellow leaves at this time.

Kew Gardens an amazing place and so much to see and do with some amazing plants and buildings. The gardens are big and a great place to walk around and relax. I would love to return to here in spring or summer when the flowers are blooming as it must look amazing in all the colours.

Williamskdn, TripAdvisor

How long does it take?

We recommend at least three to four hours to view all the attractions present inside the Kew Gardens.

If you have time, you could easily spend the entire day here and enjoy the gardens at a slower pace while also bringing food and beverages to enjoy while lounging around the grounds.

Most visitors who have ample amount of time to explore its many acres, plan to spend at least an afternoon there (or two hours minimum).

The Kew Gardens require a lot of walking so choose comfortable walking shoes and warm clothing throughout the winter months.

All of the notable flowers, trees, and plants in Kew Gardens have identification labels, so you may learn more about them while you’re there.

Visitors can also use a map as it outlines all of the attractions throughout the gardens.


Are the Kew Gardens open on Sunday?

Yes, the gardens are open throughout the year, even on Sundays.
They only remain closed during Christmas.

Can I buy tickets for visiting day?

If you are visiting Kew Gardens, you can purchase the ticket at the counter. However, booking Kew garden tickets online will give you many benefits.

How much time to roam around the Kew Gardens?

It takes 3 hours to roam around, but if you are a nature-loving person, it can also take more than 3 hours.

It is suggested usually to take the whole day to roam around and soak in the fresh air.

Which is the main entrance to Kew gardens?

There are four entrances to the Kew gardens and The Victoria Gate is the main entrance.

Because the size of the Kew gardens is vast and it’s not possible to enter from one entrance only.

When do the Kew Gardens open?

The Kew gardens open at 10 am every day, but the closing time varies across the months.

How many species does Kew garden have?

Over 27,000 taxa of living plants, 8.3 million plant and fungus specimens, and over 40,000 species stored in the seed bank are among the collections at Kew and Wakehurst.

What is the Kew Gardens ticket price?

The ticket cost varies depending on the criteria you are booking your tickets.
An adult ticket varies from £15 to £23 and a child ticket costs £6 to £5. Children below the age of four enter for free.

Are there shops to buy gifts at Kew Gardens?

There are various gift shops inside the garden selling children’s books, toys, and planting kits. 

You can find prints, books, and gifts inspired by Kew’s art collections in the Shirley Sherwood Gallery.

Their largest store features a fantastic range of outdoor equipment, delectable cuisine, and beautiful literature.

Can you take your food to Kew Gardens?

Yes, you can get your food to the Gardens.

Picnics are welcome in Kew Gardens but refrain from bringing barbecues or picnic furniture.

Is the London Pass worth it?

The London Pass is the ultimate sightseeing credit package created specifically for city visitors. 

You can visit 80+ attractions while saving time and money.

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