Kew Gardens can be challenging to explore if you are a tourist.

Assistance is available everywhere, but the area is so large that more assistance would be okay, mainly since the attractions are scattered.

The magnificent site has 50,000 plants and over 7 million preserved specimens, the 300-acre UNESCO Heritage Site. 

While there is a lot to see, visiting the Kew Gardens can be intimidating.

A map of Kew Gardens can help you tour the Gardens easily at your own pace.

It is very useful if you’re visiting with children or the elderly.

This map prioritizes accessibility information of the amenities present in the Kew Gardens.

It also contains a zoomed-in map of a section of the Gardens to assist you in navigating the important locations which you want to visit. 

Download the Kew Gardens Map if you are visiting for the first time. 

Many facilities are available at your fingertips, such as

  • Viewpoints can be accessed 
  • Shelter
  • Water fountain
  • Wifi hotspot for free
  • Restaurant
  • Snacks and beverages
  • Parking for Bicycles
  • Toilets for the disabled
  • A large wheelchair-accessible facility with a hoist and a bench is also available
  • Baby-changing stations
  • Shops to buy
  • Ramp for wheelchair access

Featured Image: KEW.org

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