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Before planning a trip the first thing that comes into mind is how to get to Kew Gardens in London.

So, you can find all the information about different ways to reach the Kew Gardens here.

Kew Gardens is located in the heart of the London borough of Richmond upon Thames, approximately 30 minutes from Central London. Get Directions

Visitors can get to Kew Gardens via bus, train, tube, or car, depending on their preferred mode of transportation and convenience. 

Knowing about the entrances of the Kew Gardens before choosing the type of transport would be beneficial for you. 

By Tube

You need to travel about 0.8 miles from the Kew Gardens Station to the Victoria Gate of Kew Gardens. 

It is in Zone 3 and is accessible by the Richmond branch and London Overground.

The westbound platform has no level of access. Continue one stop to Richmond, then take the tube to the eastbound service, which has level access.

By Train

By Train
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If you want to use the train, you must arrive at Kew Bridge station.

Take the South West Train from Waterloo to Clapham Junction via Vauxhall.

Elizabeth Gate is located 0.5 miles from Kew Bridge Station. You can get there in 10 minutes.

By Bus

By Bus
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Buses are the most convenient and accessible mode of transportation in the city.

To get to Kew Gardens, you can use bus lines 65, 391, 110, 237, or 267

Route 65 passes through the Lion Gate, Victoria Gate, and Elizabeth Gate.

Routes 237 and 267 terminate at Kew Bridge station.

Route 391 will take you close to Kew Gardens station and the Elizabeth gate.

Route 110 stops at Kew Gardens and Elizabeth Gate.

By Car

Kew Gardens is approximately 20 minutes away from central London.

Enter the Kew Gardens postcode TW9 3AE, and navigate the routes.

Visitors can park around Kew Gardens or on Ferry Lane near Brentford Gate.

Cars and taxis will be charged £7 for the day. Motorcycles and mopeds can be parked for free.

After 10 am, there is only limited parking accessible around Kew Gardens.

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