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With the Kew Gardens entry ticket, you can enter the biggest botanical park in the world and wander through an outdoor green area away from the crowds. 

Visit notable locations such as Kew Palace, the 10-story Chinese Pagoda, the enormous and stunning Temperate House, and even a flowing waterfall.

Kew Gardens has more than 30,000 distinct plant species and is more like a living museum.

It shows and honors several eras of landscape design and gardening techniques. 

A visit to Temperate House, the biggest Victorian glasshouse in the world and home to 1,500 plant varieties is also included with admission to Kew Gardens.

The park’s botanists look after some of the rarest and most endangered temperate zone plants from Africa, Australia, New Zealand, the Americas, Asia, and the Pacific Islands.

You will also get access to The Treetop Walkway which offers the best vantage point for the gardens. 

View the beautiful Kew Gardens above the grounds from a different perspective. 

This Ticket Includes:

  • Entry to the Kew Gardens
  • Admission to the Kew palace, greenhouses, and the Treetop Walkway
  • Map and guides to the highlights of the season
  • Access to the Children’s Garden

Know before you Go: 

  • You have 45 minutes from the time of your scheduled entry to enter the Kew Gardens. Once inside, you are free to stay however long you like.
  • After making a reservation, the Children’s Garden requires a timeslot reservation.
  • Victoria Gate is the nearest entrance to the Kew Gardens station.

Ticket Prices:

Visitors’ AgeTicket Prices (£)
Seniors ticket (65+ years) £ 12
Adult ticket (30 to 64 years) £ 14
Youth ticket (16 to 29 years) £ 07
Child ticket (4 to 15 years) £ 04

Featured Image: KEW.org

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